Maintenance Packages


Cape Fear Water Gardens offers maintenance packages for every lifestyle! From our Bronze Package that offers a little help keeping your pond clear and beautiful to our Platinum Package that includes weekly visits to maintain your personal paradise, and everything in between, including our Party Package - just in time for your backyard entertaining!


Platinum Package


Our Platinum Package is enough to make any pond owner squeal with excitement as we offer weekly visits to maintain your personal paradise.  How will you spend all the time you’re saving by letting us do the dirty work?  


Gold Package


Our Gold Package, for the busy pond owner.  Consists of Bi-weekly visits, the Cape Fear Water Gardens maintenance crew does all the dirty work for you.  


Bronze Package


Our Bronze Package is perfect for the pond owner who would like a little help keeping their pond clear and beautiful.  With one visit every other month, the Bronze Package will ensure that your pond is getting the attention it deserves.  


Party Package


Do you do a lot of entertaining in your backyard?  Is your pond one of the main reasons your friends and coworkers invite themselves over for a night of dinner and drinks on the patio?  Then have we got a deal for you! We’ll give your pond a facelift for your next party, allowing you to focus on the rest of your party details!

We’ll come to visit your home approximately one month before the party to assess what needs to be done, and come back to get it ready for it’s close-up!  


All Packages include:

Cleaning skimmer filter and net    -    Pump inspection    -    Netting leaves and debris    -    Dividing, trimming, or removing aquatic plants    -    Repositioning rocks and gravel    -    Checking for settled liner edges    -    Water treatments

(typical water treatments include beneficial bacteria or granular/liquid algaecides)


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